Casino Comps In Vegas: Get Privileged

As a one can read in the latest casino news, casino comps is viewed to be free stuff, service or some extra money offered for a player who is:

• Loyal to one casino and plays there day and night;

• A high-roller who plays with big stakes and risks much;

• Likely to be a star or some kind of celebrity;

• A wise person who is not a VIP or some rich pal – just a person who knows basic tips on how to get some casino comps easily.

The 4th example – that’s about whom we are talking about.

Casino comps in Las Vegas: easy and accessible – our theme to discuss (as a part of Welcome to Las Vegas introductory guide).

Basic Instructions On Casino Comps

We will show you how to get some free stuff in Vegas without player payments – step by step. Are you ready to follow us?

• Form your bankroll before you leave your hotel room;

• Choose and specify top casinos you are going to play. Stick to them and thus (without squandering your energies) you’ll improve your chances to get some casino comps;

• Sign up and always check the casino newsletters (through the internet mostly). Thus you will be informed on casino events, offers and shares;

• Go to a casino booth and get a player card at once. This plastic rectangle is a calling card of yours in the world of casino comps and promotions;

• Now perform casino games via this card only. Thus your play will be rated and the gameplay outcomes are tracked;

• Familiarize with the “level of play” notion. This thing is the first one casinos pay attention to. Level of play is determined by your bet sizes and time of play (per day);

• Be aware many casinos do not rate your play unless you occupy a table/machine with a, say, $25 minimal bet. Playing low isn’t the best way to get some extras;

• Make maximum use of free drinks option while playing;

• Always be in the known how many points you have already earned. Consult the player’s club desk to know how many points one particular comps cost;

• Try to stay for a night at the casino you choose to play. Thus you will be able to take the advantages of charged meals, free bars and spa services etc.

It’s not out of place to mention some important warnings on casino comps and gambling tips in whole:

• Never spend more money you can really afford in order to get some comps;

• Gambling addiction is always close, so be aware and play consistently;

• ASK for comps as you really deserve it. Never wait for some person to come and provide you with extras. Take it.