Baccarat Table: Where to Sit, Sections to Bet On, Types to Choose

One of the most important participants of baccarat game is a special baccarat table which is prepared particularly to this card game of chance. Each baccarat player should be familiar with it for sure; otherwise, s/he will not be able to sit in a casino and play baccarat confidently.

So, what are the main facts to know and remember concerning baccarat table?


where to sit in baccarat table spade

Usually, baccarat is played in a separate casino room behind velvet curtains; so, it is logical to suppose that a baccarat table will be located there. Only some of baccarat variations, Mini Baccarat for example, will be played at the same room with other casino games.


Baccarat table is divided into 2 semi-circles, each of them has 7 seats for players (so, 14 players are maximum at the table); there are 3 places for dealers between these 2 semi-circles (3 dealers take part in a game: one of them leads the game and 2 others help him/her to control the bets and atmosphere during the game).


The main dealer stands between a player #1 and a player #15; each of two other dealers controls only one semi-circle of players (7 players as a result).


It does not matter where to sit at baccarat table: the place does not influence anything.


The places for players are numbered 1-15 and the number 13 is missed because of the popular superstition as being the one which brings a bad luck in gambling.


There are 3 sections at baccarat table in front of every player for making his/her bets: Player, Banker, Tie; there are also 3 boxes in front of the main dealer (a croupier): drop box, tips box and discard trays.

Types of baccarat table

The big chances are that you will meet more than only one type of baccarat table; all of them have very small differences which do not influence the rules and object of the game at all: they were created in order to make the course of game more comfortable and faster. Here they are:

Three dealer baccarat table
three dealer baccarat
  1. 3 dealers: the main one and 2 helpers for every semi-circle of the table
  2. It stays in a separate casino room
  3. Number 13 is missed

Two dealer baccarat table
two dealer baccarat
  1. Only 2 dealers: one for every semi-circle of a table
  2. Number 13 is missed
  3. It stays away from a high stakes casino area

Midi baccarat table
midi baccarat table
  1. One dealer only
  2. 9-10 players maximum in order to make the game faster
  3. It stays in a general casino room

Mini baccarat table
mini baccarat table
  1. One dealer
  2. Only 7 players maximum
  3. Fast speed of the game
  4. Small bets are welcome to make

Online baccarat table
online baccarat table
  1. It looks like the mini baccarat table
  2. Only one player takes part in a game
  3. A dealer is a virtual one
  4. Small bets are also possible to make