Chemin de Der: Object, Rules, Specific Characteristics

The part of baccarat history in France can be definitely called to be Chemin de Fer - the French variation of baccarat which was the original variant of the game when it came to France from Italy. The name "Chemin de Fer" translates as "Way of Iron" because the iron shoe was used for cards in this game. French people have developed this card game, and today it remains being very popular in the casinos of France.

The fact is that Chemin de Fer is rather difficult to meet in non-French casinos though the Internet provides us with everything today of course; but if you prefer the real atmosphere of baccarat casino game and Chemin de Fer is your favorite variation, then be ready to go to France to play it and do not forget to learn special baccarat terms in French.

How to Play Chemin de Fer

Though the object of Chemin de Fer and the main rules to play it do not differ from the ones of Punto Banco or Mini Baccarat, but, anyway, there are some specific characteristics which should be known and remembered before coming to a casino to play this game.

Try to remember:

1. The game is played with 6 decks of cards shuffled together.

2. Every player who sits at the table can play the role of a banker: players usually do this clockwise.

3. How the cards are shuffled: first, a dealer shuffles all cards and after that every player also shuffles them one by one; after that a dealer gives two cards to himself and two cards to each player faced down.

4. The player who had made the biggest bet is chosen to be the representative of all gamblers who bet on Player; a dealer or a person who plays the role of a banker is the one who represents those gamblers who bet on Banker.

5. When both a player and a banker see their cards they decide whether to take the third one or not: usually, the third card is taken when the initial result is 0-4 points and the third card is not taken if the initial result is 6-7 points. If a player or a banker has 8-9 initial points, it means that s/he becomes a winner at once: 8-9 points are called "Natural" at baccarat and determine a winning option.

6. If a player has more points than a banker, then all wagers are returned to gamblers with winnings and the role of a banker will be played by the next player in order; but if the winner is a banker, then all winnings are taken to the bank and a person who will play the role of a banker remains the same. But if it is Tie, all wagers remains for the next round.

7. A player has a right to refuse from the role of a banker; if so, this role will be played by the next player who agrees to do that.


As well as American baccarat, Chemin de Fer has its own system of casino commission which a house takes in a case of a player's winning. This commission depends on what option a player bets on:

  • If a player bets on Player and wins - his/her winning is paid as 1:1
  • If a player bets on Banker and wins - s/he pays 5% commission to a casino
  • If a player bets on Tie and wins - s/he pays 14.4% of his/her winning