The List of Main Baccarat Terms to Remember

main list of baccarat

As far as we know, baccarat card game came to us from France; so, it is not surprising that there are a lot of French terms which describe this or that aspect of the game. Usually, the original names of these aspects are used in order to support the atmosphere and spirit of baccarat though their English equivalents exist of course.

Moreover, if you prefer playing French Baccarat (sometimes it is considered to be the same with European Baccarat), you will not be able to do that without its specific terms' knowledge.


Banco - this is a bet on Banker

Croupier - the French equivalent of "a dealer" (a person who works at a casino and leads a game)

Carte - a term which is used to show a dealer the fact you want a card to be dealt

Coup - a French word for "a round"

La Grande - a French word for "Natural" (9 points at baccarat are called so)

La Petite - a French word for "Natural" (but this time it is for Natural 8 points, not 9)

Punto - this is a bet on Player

Palette - a special tool which is used for moving cards at baccarat table

Sabot - this is the French word for "shoe" (a box for cards which will be dealt for the game)

Interesting terms

High Roller - a player who always makes big bets (s/he is also called "VIP" sometimes)

Ladderman - a person who supervises the game by sitting above the baccarat table

Monkey - a card of 10's or any face card (Jack, Queen or King)

Shills - this is a person who sits at a casino and does nothing but attract people to play the game

Vigorish - this is a commission of 5% for your winning after betting on Banker