Baccarat History; Chapter 2: Modern Baccarat

History of baccarat

It seems that the history of baccarat gambling has been written already and nothing can be added to it today: origins of the game are discovered and fully described, the names of baccarat creators are found out, all secrets of the game are revealed. But it is not actually true: baccarat game has not stopped its development; modern baccarat provides us with new phenomena and names.


For example, it was impossible to find baccarat tournaments in the past: the game was played only in casinos and considered to be the game of rich people only. They gathered to smoke cigars, drink wine and play baccarat trying to win some money or just spend a good time.

Today, every person can participate in baccarat tournaments, which take place every year in such places as China, America and Monte Carlo, and try winning jackpots.

The specific character of a baccarat tournament is the following one: gamblers play not only against of a house but also against each other in order to get more chips and win a tournament in such a way.

The only negative thing of baccarat tournament is the fact that it is almost impossible to play them online: they are very rare there.

Online Baccarat

The era of the Internet dictates its own rules concerning completely all spheres of our life, and gambling is not an exception here. All casino games are possible to play online; thanks to this fact, baccarat has made the next step of its development — it had started to be played online.

As a result, some new specifics of the game appeared, which helped players to improve their gambling skills and play not only for real money but also just for fun. Online baccarat makes it easier to receive the access to the game without going anywhere and having anything but a computer and the Internet.

Even professional players and baccarat experts do not ignore baccarat online: they use it for practicing and analysis.


Modern players and gambling experts do not let baccarat apply the break to its development: they analyze all game's modifications; write books, articles and scientific works about these phenomena; create new baccarat techniques and strategies for playing this game; take part in baccarat tournaments and win them in order to inscribe their names in the history of this game forever.

Lyle Stuart
Frank Scoblete
Akio Kashiwagi

Among the most popular and significant baccarat specialists we can name Lyle Stuart — the winner of 2 baccarat tournaments and the author of baccarat books; Frank Scoblete — the best—selling gambling author and expert; Akio Kashiwagi — the passionate baccarat player whose bets shocked the whole gambling world…

The list is not full of course, and it means that baccarat has many things to surprise us with and it is not going to stop. The history continues…