Baccarat Books: Find Out More About the Game

You are welcome to read short reviews of the most popular baccarat books which had been written by famous baccarat gamblers and experts, and which were strongly recommended by gambling critics.

baccarat battle book

Baccarat For The Clueless (John May)

This book can not be called as being too technical though it describes different card counting techniques and strategies for winning baccarat card game. The book consists of 2 parts: the first one tells the history and basics of baccarat (rules, tips etc.); the second one includes card counting techniques, betting strategies and systems.

The Baccarat Battle Book (Frank Scoblete)

This is the best-seller and one of the most recommended baccarat books written by an American gambling expert Frank Scoblete. What can you find inside? The author tries to prove that card counting technique can be also used for such a game of chance as baccarat: he describes betting structure of baccarat, different techniques to use, mathematical aspects of the game and moves which should be made during the game.

The Basics Of Winning Baccarat (Avery Cardoza)

Though this book is rather small (only 64 pages), its author was able to describe there all important aspects for every player to know about baccarat. Actually, the goal of the writer (the well-known gambling author - Avery Cardoza) was to give a reader the first look at the game, not more. So, he writes about basic baccarat terms, rules, variations, strategy and bets.

Effects of Marked Cards in Baccarat (George D. Joseph)

The small book of 45 pages tells you what results a player would get in baccarat if s/he knew the first card of his/her hand. The author describes how marked cards can influence a house edge, especially when a gambler plays at a high stakes baccarat table. This is a book which reveals some more secrets of baccarat Online slots.

Lyle Stuart on Baccarat (Lyle Stuart)

Lyle Stuart is a person who describes his own experience in his books; he is the winner of two baccarat tournaments and a passionate baccarat gambler. This book will tell you a lot of interesting stories which happened with Mr. Stuart; you will not find any particular baccarat strategy: the author describes baccarat history, rules, bets, tips and cheating.

John Patrick's Baccarat (John Patrick)

All aspects of baccarat game are professionally described by John Patrick - a well-known showman and gambler - in this book: history, bets, odds, rules, baccarat table… He does it in a very interesting way, so, it is not boring to read John Patrick's Baccarat at all. If you are a new comer to the card game of baccarat, you will find a lot of useful info here. Professional players will not discover anything new for themselves.