Baccarat Casino Game in Culture: Where to Find It Except Casinos

Nothing can be said against of baccarat casino game's popularity: thousands of gamblers all over the world choose it as being their favorite one among many other casino games. Well, it is not strange: baccarat casino game is exciting, interesting and easy to play indeed (though it can help you to win or lose really big money!).

Casino game - baccarat

It is impossible to imagine a casino without this noble game of chance: baccarat is played both online and in land-based casinos of America and Europe; it can be even played at home with friends - it is up to you where to play it and how much money to spend on it. Today baccarat game is ready to boast with a very rich history, many different variations and famous players.

Do not forget about culture! If a phenomenon is popular and loved, it begins to appear and all spheres of our life: modern baccarat had found its warm place in literature, movies and linguistics already.


A lot of baccarat experts are always ready to share their experience and skills with everyone who is interested in baccarat; some of them write articles for different magazines, give lectures but most of them prefer to write books about their passion - baccarat casino game!

More than 30 books had been written by well-known baccarat gamblers (such as Frank Scoblete and Henry Tamburin for example) for us to have a chance of improving our gambling skills and revealing the secrets of baccarat. The most recommended ones are the following books:

  • The Baccarat Battle Book - by Frank Scoblete
  • Baccarat For The Clueless - by John May
  • Secrets of Winning Baccarat - by Brian Kayser


Do you like watching movies? Are you a passionate baccarat player? Then you will definitely be interested in watching films where baccarat plays one of the main roles. As far as we know, the famous Agent 007 was a real fan of this card game of chance; so, almost all films about James Bond describe this fact, for example the well-known Casino Royale (1967).

Baccarat card game is also possible to meet in such movies as Rush Hour 3, The Saint, A Hard Day's Night and others.


Baccarat game, as well as any other casino game, has the list of its special terms every player should learn before playing it; and it is not surprise: such a noble and self-respected game which was the game of only aristocrats in the past should name everything with specific words, terms and word combinations.

Baccarat came to us from France; that is why a lot of terms had come from French language: for example Punto, Banco, En Prison etc. Certainly, there are also English equivalents to this words but the atmosphere of the game will be not the same of course.