Baccarat Tournaments: Specifics and Places to Take Part

Tournaments in baccarat

It is impossible to find a real baccarat admirer who would not like to take part in a tournament and try to win a jackpot; and it worth it because baccarat tournaments are really great though they differ much from the tournaments of blackjack or poker for example.

Anyway, they exist and they are ready to offer you some strategies even.

How to take part and play?

The main thing to remember before going to participate in baccarat tournaments: they are rather profitable indeed! BUT! You will have to pay the entry fee to have a chance to struggle for a big jackpot.

The baccarat rules at the tournament are the same: a player makes bets against a house and tries to predict the winning hand - Player, Banker or Tie. The only difference is that players gamble not just against of a casino but against each other at the same time.

The goal is to stay the only one at baccarat table and end up with the most chips: players start the tournament with the equal number of chips and they play a definite number of rounds (it depends on the number of players who take part). After each round one player leaves the baccarat table (the one who has fewer chips than others. The winner will be a player who stays the last one with many chips at the table.

The most popular tournaments

Actually, it is rather difficult to find online baccarat tournaments: a player should gamble at the biggest online casinos in order to catch the moment when a tournament takes place there and participate in it.

Today, there are only three most popular places where gamblers can participate in baccarat tournaments. They are:

  • Macao Baccarat Tournament (China): the prize is $650,000. The biggest event of this kind in this area.
  • Tornoi de Chemin de Fer (Monte Carlo): the prize is 1 million euros. It takes place in February.
  • Bally's Casino New Orleans Mini Baccarat Tournament: the prize is $100 000. It takes place every month and no entry fee is needed.

Strategies of baccarat tournaments

Although baccarat is the game of luck, it can not be said about baccarat tournaments because their participants have special strategies and tactics of how to improve the chances for winning. Three main strategies for baccarat tournaments exist:

1. Aggressive play. A participant bets big money at the very beginning of a game and watches other players who do the same; such a player will bet aggressively again in the next round in order to become a leader again and s/he will do that till the very end of a tournament.

2. Balanced play. A participant decides whether to place a big or small bets depending on his/her condition: if s/he wins - a player increases a bet, if not - s/he decreases it.

3. Careful play. A participant moves step by step: s/he starts from small bets and increases them round by round if s/he understands that luck is on his/her side today.