Red Seven

The Red Seven counting strategy is very famous for its high level of precision and simplicity, so that even blackjack beginners can use this system without any difficulties. It is a professional level system for any level players and can be used as simply as gambling bonuses.

Red seven counting strategy was invented and first published in 1983 by Arnold Snyder. First no one believed that such an easy system for understanding, which doesn’t requires high mathematical skills, can be so precise and helpful for the players in giving them real edge over the house. But, after years of practicing this system by many blackjack players, and by checking it with several computer tests and simulations, Red Seven has proven itself absolutely worth using. Still no other system can match the simplicity and the power of Red Seven.

As well as many other counting strategies Red Seven keeps count firstly of the high valued cards, because they are the best for the player. The simplicity of the Red Seven begins here – first of all the tracking of small cards with this system is less important, than knowing of how many exactly high valued cards left in the deck.

Also it is very convenient that Red Seven counting system keeps track on aces, so the player doesn’t have to count aces separately, like in the Omega II or Zen Count strategies. This is very convenient, because it is much easier to keep only one track in the head, without counting aces as a separate count.

The Red Seven counting strategy, same as most of others strategies, assigns numbers to the cards for making the count easier. The Red Seven assigns the next numbers:

All aces and tens in the deck are counted as -1, because they show that there is -1 of high value cards in the deck, which is not good for the player.

Low level cards are counted as +1, because when there are less of low level cards left in the deck it is better for the player.

8’s and 9’s are counted as 0, because they are of no importance in this card counting, and cannot be counted at all.

Interesting seven

Now the most interesting part of the Red seven begins and you will also find out the reason why it was called so. All red 7’s are counted as +1, the same as other low cards, but black 7’s should be counted as 0 – they simply should be ignored. Why it is so, you may ask? By assigning different 7’s different values, Red Seven counting strategy gives an opportunity to reduce other calculations, which makes the Red Seven easy and perfect for everyone from beginners to blackjack professionals. It is unique but can be spread widely, like bonuses for US players, for example.

The Red Seven cards counting strategy is suitable for single deck blackjack and for multiply deck blackjack! If you are playing single deck blackjack you need to start counting cards, and we mean to start right after fresh shuffling, from 0. But, considering that no land casinos have single deck blackjack tables, to start counting on the multiply deck table you will need to multiply the number of decks on the table on -2. So if there are two decks on the table, you should start your count from -4, if there are 4 decks – start from -8, if there are 6 decks – start from -12 and if there are 8 decks on the table you should start from -16. As simply as that! Anyway, at single or multiple deck tables, your count should end on 0. All cards from the table should be counted, including other players’ cards and dealer’s cards.

We will as well provide you with few tips for using Red Seven strategy.

If your count is 0 or higher in first two decks you need to use the insurance bets.

During all games if your count is zero or higher always stand on all 16’s against dealer’s 10, and stand on 12 against dealer’s 2 or 3.

If your count is +2 or higher you should stand on 15 against dealer’s 10 and double down on 10’s against dealer’s Aces.

These are only a few tips on using Red Seven card counting strategy.

As always we strongly recommend you to be careful while using any of counting strategies – casinos don’t like counters! Card counting requires good math skills and good concentration – if you have none of such abilities don’t even try to use card counting in land casinos.

All card counting strategies, including Red Seven, can’t be the only strategy for using while playing blackjack! Before learning and using counting strategies you need to master the basic blackjack strategy.